RHEA Coaching and Consulting

Where are you headed?

RHEA wants to guide you there. RHEA stands for “Rebuilding Humanity through Eco-spiritual Awareness.” Here, at RHEA Coaching and Consulting, we believe that everyone has an inherent privilege to the goodness of life on Earth; and more importantly, a responsibility for our place in it.

Everyone’s story is unique to them.

By working with RHEA Coaching and Consulting, we can work to discover or reinvent your career. We can align your business goals with values that are more sustainable. We can help discern the vocation and direction of your life or business.

RHEA wants to help humanity be more authentic, connected, and intentional in our lives. Discover your passion and identify and remove obstacles to your success.

We also want to celebrate the goodness of life through
conscientiously designed gatherings, rituals, and ceremonies.

This will be of great benefit not only to the individual,
but to everyone on Earth as well.


One-on-One Resiliency

Green Business Resiliency Consulting

Creative Gatherings and Celebrations

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