A Meditation in Response to COVID-19

I invite you to close your eyes.  Take a deep breath in and release it slowly.

Bring your awareness to your body, let the surroundings fade into the background.  Listen to the sound of your breath and your heartbeat.   Just know that there is no such thing as a good or bad meditation. There is only awareness or non-awareness.  Let everything else fade away as you open up to your higher self, your Divine inner light, the life of God that flows through you.  Ground yourself.  Feel the chair or floor beneath you.  Connect with the sensation of your hip bones and vertebrae supporting your spine.  Breathe deep into your belly.  Take long, slow breaths into your abdomen and imagine cleaning and clearing this space.  Allow the breath to circulate upwards.  Breathe gently, softly from your heart-center.  Focus your attention to the breath traveling up and out, through your mouth. Feel the breath in your throat, your mouth, and across your lips.  Let go of tension, anxiety, or efforting of any sort.  Let all the thoughts of the things you want to say or do, the things you wish you hadn’t said or done, the regrets, the fears of the unknown and worries float effortlessly upward.  Fall into that space between your eyes and succumb to the beauty there.  Imagine a beautiful light piercing the darkness.  The light fills the space around you and bathes you in warm, healing, energetic light.  Straighten your spine.  Lift your chin a little and take a deep breath as you imagine divine energy flowing in through the top of your crown all the way down into your whole body.  Energizing it, cleansing it, filling you with light and love and warmth and divine knowing that you are right here, right now and all is well. 

Now that you are relaxed, remember, if you will, a time where you felt truly connected to the divine – a simple, tender moment with someone you love, the softness of your furry companion nudging against you, a giggle from your child, or a beautiful sunrise – filled with infinite possibility.  Stay here in this energy.  Allow it to circle and swirl around you.  Let this calm, confident, inner knowing fill you will a sense of peace and love.  Surrender.  Rest.  Trust.  You are exactly where you need to be.  You are not late for anything.  No one is looking for you.  You are absolutely melting into the divine energy.  You are not missing out on anything.  This is the place to be.  The harmony you feel is a natural richness radiating within your body.  This powerful energy continues to radiate out of your heart center, out of your head, and out of your fingers and toes, casting more light all around you.  Look up and see a golden glow of energetic light surrounding your body.  It’s pure energy and light, and you can’t help but smile.  You bask in this life force energy and feel every muscle, every cell, every part of your being as it is infused with nature’s purity and happiness.  You are one with nature, one with humanity, one with the Infinite Divine.  You keep this happiness with you wherever you go.  It is like a protective energy around you, keeping you safe and well. 

When you are ready, you can come back to this present moment.  To your room, to this service.  You can open your eyes when you are ready.  Wiggle your toes and fingers.  Take this juicy, lovely, energy shield of happiness with you wherever you go.


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