About RHEA Owner/Founder

RHEA believes that we all have a unique gift to share and that by discovering our passion and working with like-minded others in our community toward a more just, resilient and inclusive world we can rebuild and rebalance humanity.


Jill Erin Sarick Santos

Born and raised in the wild woods of north central Pennsylvania, Jill always had curiosity about the world around her. She always had a natural tendency to be “a people person” and feels more at home in nature than most any place else. She earned her BS degree from West Virginia University before moving to Lake Tahoe, where she pursued a career in environmental conservation and community-based outreach for both local government agencies and nonprofit organizations. She relocated to southern California just before the birth of her son and worked for nearly a decade for local government agencies.

After surviving breast cancer and finishing her MS degree in Resilient and Sustainable Community Planning from Green Mountain College, Jill transitioned from government back to nonprofit.

Throughout her career, she has always worked with learning institutions, especially K-12 public schools.

In 2015, she became a licensed of Science of Mind Practitioner from Centers for Spiritual Living.

She is a 2019-2020 participant in the Courage to Lead retreat with the Leading from Within organization.

She has experience in environmental place/project-based education, community-based social marketing and outreach, stormwater pollution prevention, water conservation, solid waste management and recycling, food systems, persuasive, research and creative writing, facilitation and spiritual counseling, women’s issues and parenting.

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