Community Resilience Realities. An Essential Reading During the Upheaval of COVID-19

I had this colleague once; a classic extrovert.  I was coming out of an arduous and painful divorce when I we first began spending time together.  She was tall, blonde, voluptuous and loud.  I am average height, brunet, unassuming and discreet.  She was new to town and didn’t know that many people.  I lived in […]

Shoes are for Bitches

I still have nightmares about arriving to school, walking down the corridors filled with smelly, smirking teenagers, as they point fingers and laugh hysterically straight into my face.   I feel dizzy from the slanted visions of funhouse deformities emanating from the faces of fellow classmates.  The cause of the hilarity? I am full-on, buck-naked, save […]

Ten Ways to Feed Your Body and Soul More Sustainably

January 2017 Nearly half of the food we produce in the United States is wasted. I repeat that statistic with an indiscernible drawl to many volunteers, potential funders, community leaders, friends and family members in a hope that I will appear intellectual. But the truth is, I have not really considered this figure in terms of my […]