Consulting Services

RHEA wants to turn traditional sustainability consulting on its head. After twenty years working professionally, one thing RHEA understands is that doing the “right” thing isn’t always the goal.

Learning Institutions struggle to invest in sustainability when they are too busy fulfilling their primary mission of education.

Government agency departments are often siloed and sometimes stifled by bureaucracy.

Nonprofits can’t afford to worry about sustainability, they are scrambling to keep the lights on.

Balancing the People-Planet-Profit equation is going to take some work. It is more than just changing out a few light bulbs. But where do you start? Many times, communities bring in “outside experts” to help them solve problems. At RHEA, we believe that the solutions are in the room. Using a customized retreat-style communication process, RHEA draws out the ideas, solutions and actions from the local team, thereby saving time and money – often the biggest hurdles in truly working to balance People-Planet-Profit.

Consulting Services

  • Facilitation, strategic planning, and organizational resilience assessments
    • Out of the Box deep conversations for decision-makers to move our organizations from reactionary to resilient.
  • Green Event Materials Management Services
    • Solutions to event solid waste reduction, i.e. source reduction, recycling and composting
  • Green Outreach, Marketing and Creative Content Services
    • Tell the stories that engage and inspire your community

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