Upcoming Workshops

HOPE: Conversations about Climate that don’t Suck
Free Community Workshop
When: February 22, 2020
Where: Ventura Center for Spiritual Living, 101 South Laurel Street, Ventura, CA 93001

For more information, please email info@rheacorporation.com

About this Workshop

Our current workshop series, is called “HOPE – Conversations about Climate that Don’t Suck.” The HOPE workshop series is designed for members of learning institutions, government agencies, nonprofit organizations and the local community that seek to understand others rather than feel they need to be right. Using a variety of communication and facilitation techniques, participants can begin to heal, talk about organizing and planning and feel empowered to work together.

HOPE Stands for:

– Healing: conversations that heal the division and soothe the fear around pending change
– Organizing: invite your family, your neighbors, your larger community, your city, your bioregion to join together
– Planning: identifying opportunities for adaptation, positive response and collective resource sharing networks
– Empowering: each other to recognize our independent and collective strengths